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Upgrades, tune-ups, or in depth repairs - The Hangar is a hassle free maintenance solution for every rider.

The Hangar is one size fits most... but if it's not a fit for you, no sweat, send it back our way within 30 days for a full refund. 


In its collapsed configuration, the Hangar measures 4.5” x 4.5” x 19.5” and weighs just 7 pounds, making it the most portable, compact bike maintenance station on the market

The clamp arm offers 360-degree rotation with 12 lock-out points, allowing users to position their bike in whatever way is most convenient for their space or part of the bike they most need to access

A detachable dual position clamp design allows for ultimate optionality when attaching your bike to the Hangar

With a 3” jaw opening, the Hangar can accommodate a variety of seat post shapes and sizes (yes, including most tri-bikes)

TPU jaw inserts offer a secure grip while avoiding any damage to your bike

The Hangar is made up of 11 core components, all of which are CNC machined from high quality aluminum and finished with an orange or black anodize

Sturdy components and intentional design for weight distribution create an incredibly stable connection to the doorframe. The Hangar is designed to be used with bikes under 50 lbs.

With a ‘wing-span’ of 39.5” the Hangar can be used in most doorways

Rubberized contact points and thoughtful consideration of material type protect your doorway 

Push pins, hand knobs, and other thoughtful designs make for a quick and easy tool free assembly

Our Promise: 

We commit to a 30-day, no questions asked, return policy. Decide Hangar isn't for you? No worries. Get a full refund.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great second bike stand at home.

The Hangar will allow me to work on, or swap parts between, two bikes simultaneously - I already have a classic repair stand. I also have the Connect for travel, but I've found I can use it just about anywhere at home and even outside on my patio or deck. Smart products.

Jackson Smith
Fits in most of my door ways!

Product works great. I commute by bike so maintenance is frequent and the hangar keeps it quick and I have stopped scratching up my walls so much

I was originally concerned about it fitting my door frames sense I live in an early 1900's townhouse with narrow doors and thin trim but it has not been an issue at all

Whit Obrien
Great product

Works great, exactly as advertised. Sturdier than my previous stand and much smaller