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Getting Started

Below are some basic tips & tricks to help you get the most out of your Hangar Connect. While there can be a slight learning curve, we’ve found that the best way to learn is by using it, so we tried not to over complicate this 'user manual' with minute details that ultimately won't impact how you use this product. Here's what we'll leave you with - read what we have included below, start connecting, and reach out to us with any questions at all! 

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  • The clamp with black accents is for attaching to the structure, and the clamp with orange accents is for attaching to the bike
  • Simply rotate the handles clockwise / counterclockwise to open and close the clamp - use the ratcheting feature to make final adjustments to the handles position when tightening the clamp (this is especially helpful in tight spaces) 

    • Capable of clamping onto structures up to 2.7" in diameter, but ideal size is 1-2" for most secure attachment (although you will find that square and rectangular objects can provide a very sturdy attachment point even at the max 2.7" size)
    • Use the four points of rotation and 2 attachment angles to get the clamp in the best position for the bike or support structure (example pictures above)

    Getting The Best Grip

    • Don't be afraid to really tighten down on the structural clamp when needed - we put a big handle on there for a reason. If the structure to which you are clamping to can handle the force, so can our clamp!
    • As pictured below, the same structure can often offer multiple attachments points. If at first the Connect does not feel sturdy or is unable to suspend your bike, be sure to try re-positioning the Connect as it can often take a few tries 





    To avoid injury and / or damage to the bike, doorway, or support structure:

    • Ensure the Hangar Connect is resting securely on the support structure prior to suspending a bike
    • Do not move or alter the support structure while the Hangar Connect is in use
    • Always remove the bike from the clamp before making any adjustments

    Some bike manufacturers recommend not clamping thin-walled or carbon fiber frames. Consult manufacturer for suggested clamping locations.
    Tighten the clamp lever carefully. Over-tightening may cause damage to your bike.