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Hangar Connect

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  Hangar Connect  


The Connect is a 'mount anywhere bike stand' perfect for those who find themselves working, riding, or living in dynamic situations.

-> Weighs just 3lbs. Easy to take anywhere.

-> Proprietary design. Works with almost any bike and support structure.

-> Try it risk-free. No questions asked returns policy.

The Connect’s greatest strength is its versatility - whether it’s using a tent pole, van ladder, street sign, bike stand, or another stable structure, the Connect gives you the ability to work on, clean or simply display your bike in a convenient and secure manner. 


The Hangar Connect measures 14"x 6"x 2" and weighs 3lbs.

With a 3” jaw opening and proprietary jaw/clamp design, the Connect is compatible with a wide variety of seat posts and can attach securely to many support structures, including round, rectangular and, in some cases, even flat “countertop” like surfaces.

A detachable dual position clamp design allows for ultimate optionality when attaching the Connect to a bike or support structure - change the position of one or both clamps to best suit the type of seat post or surface you are clamping it to.

Four points of rotation enabled by quick release pull pins allow for quick and easy adjustments. 

Thermoplastic jaw inserts offer a secure and durable grip while avoiding any damage to your bike.

We suggest using the Connect with bikes under 55lbs; however, the weight limit varies depending on the support structure it is clamped to - shape, size, and material are things to take into consideration.

Our Promise: 

We commit to a 30-day, no questions asked, return policy. Decide Connect isn't for you? No worries. Get a full refund.


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Paul Green

Great product, convient to use when traveling.

Mike Wilson
Delivered Quicker than Expected

I'm based in UK so was expecting a little delay on delivery but received within 7 days. Very pleased.

I have tried the Connect on the bike rack on back of my Campervan with my heaviest MTB and seems to be functional (more worried about the bike rack!). Looking forward to using in anger when on the road.

Love it!!

everything it advertised and more!!

Stumbled onto a winner!

I travel two to three times a year in a pickup and and Australian camper, primarily in the Western U.S. for 4-5 weeks at a time. I have always carried a full-size bike stand in the back of my pickup. After every trip I find that the vibration from rugged roads has caused the stand to disassemble on its own. So, before my latest trip, I searched for an alternative and found the Hanger Connect. Wow, what a find! It’s small, light, very well-designed and the quality of the materials and manufacture are exceptional. It clamps to a round bar on the after-market off-road bumper on my pickup and holds my bikes securely for lubrication and servicing. I’m completely satisfied with this product and recommend it highly.

Gonzalo Garcia

Hangar Connect