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Pre Order Now!

Pre Order today and be one of the first to receive the Hangar Connect 2.0 by choosing free expedited shipping or select our 20% discount option and save $45

Expedited orders will ship via air freight from our trusted manufacturing partner in Taiwan and are expected to arrive in the US on or before December 20th, 2022

Standard Pre-Order will ship via sea freight and are expected to arrive in the US roughly one month later on or before February 20th, 2023

While we feel confident in the timing given above, the global supply chain is still unpredictable. Should there be any major updates to the expected arrival of your product, we'll let you know as soon as we can and work with you to meet your needs, including offering a full refund if that's what's best for you.  

* Disclaimer: We are still updating our media for Gen2 products - The first two pictures show the updated version of the Connect. More to come soon! 

 The Hangar Connect 

The world is your oyster bike stand!

Perfect for those who find themselves working, riding, or living in dynamic situations, the Hangar Connect’s greatest strength is its versatility - whether it’s using a tent pole, van ladder, street sign, bike stand, or another stable structure the Hangar Connect gives you the ability to work on, clean or simply display your bike in a convenient and secure manner. 


The Hangar Connect measures 14"x 6"x 2" and weighs 3 pounds

With a 3” jaw opening and proprietary jaw/clamp design the Connect is compatible with a wide variety of seat posts and can attach securely to many support structures, including round, rectangular and, in some cases, even flat “countertop” like surfaces

A detachable dual position clamp design allows for ultimate optionality when attaching the Connect to a bike or support structure - change the position of one or both clamps to best suit the type of seat post or surface you are clamping it to

Four points of rotation enabled by quick release pull pins allow for quick and easy adjustments 

Thermoplastic jaw inserts offer a secure and durable grip while avoiding any damage to your bike

We suggest using the Connect with bikes under 55 lbs; however, the weight limit will vary depending on the support structure it is clamped to - shape, size, material, and more are all things to take into consideration